Knowing which Insurers respond most favourably to what features, which Insurers provide the best fleet cover and which have the appropriate security can be a minefield and is best entrusted to a specialist broker.

We are that Specialist.

Our Clients benefit from

  • Personnel dedicated exclusively to the insurance needs of fleet operators
  • Over 40 years’ of accumulated knowledge and experience
  • Deep knowledge of fleet insurance products and the wider insurance markets
  • Wide experience of different fleets from priests to heavy haulage fleet insurance
  • Premium volumes and relationships with Insurers to leverage best deals
  • Unique model providing regular updates on cover, vehicles insured etc.
  • Regular claims updates and reviews
  • Full claims review before renewal to control outstanding reserves
  • Risk management advice and deals to reduce premium costs

We strive to develop relationships and, over the years, we have found those Clients who embed us within and regard us as a part of their business are the ones most satisfied.